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HydroSurge Bathing


Hydrosurge Bathing gives a deep cleaning action that exceeds all other dog bathing systems. Hydrosurge Bathing loosens all dead hair, dirt and grime and thoroughly penetrates the coat bringing oxygen to the skin leaving your dog cleaner and healthier than ever before. Hydrosurge Bathing therapeutically enhances the effectiveness of medicated shampoos & conditioners. Hydrosurge Bathing is also an effective treatment for dry, flaking and irritated skin and increases circulation.

The invigorating spray creates a pulsating massage which keeps your dog calm. Hydrosurge Bathing is included in your groom or styling at no extra charge.
Before your pet is ready for their Hydrosurge bath our professional  bathers decide what shampoo, conditioner and moisturisers are required. This is done by inspection of your pets coat e.g. colour, condition and also if any skin problems etc.
Hydro Massaging sessions last for
30 minutes then your pet is blow dried.
Hydro Massaging does not include any grooming or styling.







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Hydrosurge Massage
Anti Flea and Tick Hydro Massage is a natural Flea and Tick application which is in high demand during the summer months. Our most popular Hydro massage.

Puppy Love Hydro Massage is for our little friends who are still very young. Bathed in our puppy sensitive tearless shampoo then a Hydro Massage with our ultra moisturiser baby powder scented.

Poodle Hydro Massage is a specially formulated Hydro Massage which is protein enriched that helps replace the natural oils lost during regular shampooing and blow dry styling leaving coat healthy soft and silky.

Evening Primrose & Triclusan Hydro massage based on the unique properties of evening primrose oil which has been shown to help skin disorders whilst gently soothing skin irritations. It also incorporates Triclusan to Hygienically cleanse and remove surface bacteria from the skin and coat, very soothing experience.

Tea Tree Oil Hydro Massage Tee tree oil is widely grown throughout Australia. It is known for it's anti bacterial properties in maintaining healthy skin and coat and will help alleviate skin irritations and itching.

Dr Aloe Hydro Massage  is rich in Aloe Vera extracts, it cleans throughout to remove odours, dirt, grease and leaves a fresh clean scent. It leaves the hair soft supple. Dr Aloe is tearless mild PM. Balanced and natural bio degradable.

Deodorising Hydro Massage  specially formulated with natural essential oils Grapefruit and Lemon to thoroughly cleanse and neutralise any mal odours in the coat.

Cherry Hydro Massage  is rich in protein and panthenol for great healthy body and shine. The proteins help to smooth the hair shaft without leaving the coat oily which means less tangles and an easier brush out. Cherry concentrate is organic and biodegradable.

Citronella and Eucalyptus  Hydro Massage formulated for outdoor dogs living in country area's and farms. An all over shampoo, blended from the finest natural surfactants essential oils and skin soothing ingredients contain chamomile, lanolin citronella and eucalyptus.

Herbal Hydro Massage has essential oils including chamamilee bergamont and nettle. This helps keep coats healthy and shiny.
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