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Dog Grooming


We will style your pet to your request or if you prefer we will select the most popular and fitting style for your pet.


Your pet is observed for any health problems and your pets ears are checked, cleaned and deodorised.


Your pets nails will be checked to see if they need clipped.  If your pet becomes stressed when we are doing their nails we not proceed and you may have to take them to the vet to have them done.  We find that the whole grooming experience can be a more pleasant experience if nails are not done on dogs who become stressed with this as they become paranoid about touching them anywhere near the nails.  Whereas when you build up their confidence that you wont do their nails then that helps them relax and helps us build a relationship with them.


Sometimes it is necessary to trim the nails to the quick to make the quick draw back for the next time to trim them closer but don't be alarmed we have special powder to put on your pets nails to stop them bleeding.


We at Pampers believe in pre-grooming your pets before their hydro bath as this helps to deep clean the dog and ultimately creates a better finish.  This may take longer than other groomers may take but we believe the time is well spent to give that better finish.   We will pre-groom your pet to take out any mats (knots).  If this is time consuming due to the amount of mats there will be an additional charge for every 15 minutes spent de-matting.  We groom humanely so if we feel the matting is too severe we will recommend a smoothie.  At the end of the day we will only do what's best for the dog. Remember hair grows back , only too quickly. Please choose a style which best suits both your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your dog.  After the pre-groom your pet will be bathed in our Hydro bath with one of our special shampoos suitable for each individual dogs coat. Finally your pet will be groomed and styled to your requirements.


Special services are available for ill, aged or disabled pets.  Just ask!


For the safety of your pet, prescribed shampoos must be accompanied by written instructions.

Casting Treatments

we use 5 different procedures with fantastic results


Mud Baths

Award Winning Madra Mor Mud baths available to Cleanse, Protect and Rejuvenate great for Casting, Mobility and skin issues. For more information see SPA Treatments page.


Blueberry Facial  Spa Treatments

Mild yet concentrated, lightly foaming cleanser that soothes and balances.

For more information see SPA Treatments page.


Bow Wow Pad Treatments

Provides reliable protection when there is snow or road salt on the ground or even in hot weather.

For more information see SPA Treatments page

Pampers Videos

Pampers Videos

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