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Puppy's First visit to the Salon
Your New Puppy
He is a bouncy, wriggly, ball of fluff that fills your life with endless love and fun.  He adores you and depends on you to supply his every want and need.  You want to do everything right; feed him the proper food, teach him manners and basic obedience, and make sure his medical and grooming needs are filled.
Early Grooming is Essential
Teach your puppy the basics. Gently touch him all over every day. Especially his toes, feet and face.
Puppies should be introduced to the professional grooming salon when they are about 12 weeks old and had all their vaccinations.  Contact your groomer/stylist to discuss your puppy's grooming needs, and to make an appointment for his first grooming session. Pampers offer a puppy package which includes 3 visits to the salon to introduce the grooming at a gentle pace.
Working as a team, you and your groomer will provide the care that your puppy needs to look and feel his best.
Whats expected from you
If your dog has a lot of hair on his face that will need cut make sure you hold the hair on his chin when  you shower him with love and kisses as this will help your groomer avoid unwanted accidents when they have to go in closely around their eyes with scissors.
If they will be getting clipped in the future its a good idea to get them used to vibrations so if you have an electric toothbrush or razor its helpful to go over his body and legs using the handle against their body and legs so they get used to the vibrations. When your puppy is comfortable with being handled, you are ready to move onto brushing and combing.
Set aside time every day to brush and comb your puppy.  Make it your special time together this also helps you bond with him. Doing this daily through time also helps you to recognise any changes in his behaviour or appearance that may need attention. Reward your puppy with plenty of praise and some treats.  Take him for short rides in the car to get him used to traveling.
Be sure to exercise your puppy right before his grooming to allow him to relieve himself. Bring along one of his favourite toys, this may act as a comforter. 
To help your puppy enjoy his grooming experience be happy on your way to the grooming salon. If you feel stressed and nervous, your puppy will pick up on your feelings and may become fearful and apprehensive. Your pets grooming salon is his special place.  Allow him to anticipate and associate the professional grooming experience with fun and enjoyment.
Your Puppy's First Visit to the Grooming Salon
The first visit to the salon is focused on familiarising your puppy to all the sights and sounds of the salon and introducing him to the bath and blow-drying process.
The second visit we will do a little tidying up of feet, pads, butt and face with some nail clipping.
The Third visit we will do a full groom including clipping.
These visits may be quite lengthy as it is extremely important to bond with the groomer and be comfortable with everything the groomer does to him. With gentle guidance, he will learn that grooming is an enjoyable experience and not something to be feared.  The most important thing is that your puppy's first grooming session is that he likes it!
After the Groom
Being clipped and groomed is a completely new experience for your puppy.  He may feel "funny" and may want to rub himself on the carpet or furniture, or he may scratch himself. A little of this is normal, but do not let him cause any irritation to himself. Remember that his freshly clipped nails may be sharp and can easily irritate his puppy skin.  If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us immediately.
Between visits to the salon you will need to brush and may need to bathe your puppy at home. Pampers can recommend and supply the equipment and coat care products that you will need. We will also demonstrate the correct brushing techniques that you need to learn to properly care for your puppy.
Because both you and ourselves took the time to introduce your puppy to grooming in a step by step, gentle, loving way, you made your puppy's all important first visit to the salon a wonderful experience that will help him enjoy being groomed throughout his life.

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