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Creative Grooming
Creative grooming is a great way to add a unique touch to your dog. Its perfect for special occasions!  All the dyes are natural and contain no harsh chemicals that can be absorbed in the skin.

Your dogs coat can be safely dyed to suit the occasion with a wide of colours and glitters to chose from.

Or perhaps you would like your dog to have a funky trim for a special occasion or to suit your requirements.

A nail polish can be also finish off that perfect pampering session

What is Creative Grooming?
Creative grooming is grooming a pet in a style other than breed standard. This can mean incorporating the use of colour and/or additional flourishes but always using SAFE products and within the limitations of the pet's tolerance levels. It's fun and the dogs absolute love the extra attention they receive as you can imagine.

Danielle recently competed in the first Extraordinary Grooming Show where she came in 3rd place in the  Salon Creative Class.
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