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 Upon completing their chosen course everyone is given a chance to reflect on their thoughts, progress and experience's at Pampers Grooming Academy. Heres what they had to say...

Jenifer Riddoch

"LOVED IT! Definitely were thrown into the deep end on the first week but Danielle, Margaret and Sandie where there to help each step of the way. Can't believe how much I've learned and how much my grooming improved in the first 4 weeks here. COULD HAVE NEVER DONE IT WITHOUT THEM!"

Rachel Mcfarlane

The Course was VERY IMFORMATIVE. Margaret and Danielle are always on hand to answer any questions for the students and have amazing knowledge to pas on. I learned so much in just 4 weeks.

Rebecca Duguid

EXCELLENT, Course was well ran, well organised and all members of staff were extremly

KNOWLEDGEABLE and very helpful. Course is really fast paced and hand on but very rewarding.

Hayley Burt

LOVED EVERY MINUTE! Learnt a lot of things and I am now really confident with grooming. all the staff were absolutely lovely to work with.

Leslie Wggins

Great experience which provides you with an all round knowledge of the world of grooming. Learned you to never stop learning and you have to VALUE YOURSELF and YOUR SKILLS!

Aqeel Butt 

Really enjoyed the course. Went by really quick and everyone was extremely nice. Very knowledgeable. Always EAGER TO HELP and give advice, tips etc. Busy and intense but a fun enviroment.

Lesley Semple 

Really enjoyed every aspect of the course. Everyone was really helpful and no question was to silly to ask. You really do feel thrown in as there is so much to learn but it was the best way because EVERYTHING CAME TOGETHER on the 3rd and 4th week.

Pamela McGruther 

I truly enjoyed every minute of my Pampers experience. I couldn't have made a better decision than to TRAIN HERE. A brilliant head start to my new career.

Alison Whelan 

I have found the whole experience extremely good. The combination of study and hands on experience ensures that what you learn theoretically is put INTO PRACTICE with a variety of dog breeds.

Liz McIntyre 

Thuroughly enjoyed it. Experienced a roller coster of emotions and glad I made it to the end. Totally amazing  experience. Exceded all my expectations. Staff were great, so much PATIENCE and  experience to share

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