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The pet-detect microchipping solution gives you peace of mind.


  • Quick, permanent identification

  • Easy, safe and pain-free

  • Tiny inert chip- cannot be altered or lost

  • Registered with PetLog, the National Database

  • Required for travel abroad



Microchipping works with Pet-detect   -   The simplest, kindest and easiest method of identifying your pet.


Normally £39.99
Pampers Price £25.00


What is a Microchip



A tiny, glass, inert capsule the size of rice containing an identification number linking you to your pet.


How long will it take to impalnt the microchip?
Just a few moments! In fact by the time you complete the PetLog Registration form your pet will be protected by the latest I.D. technolgy.

Lost and Found Procedures
I have lost my pet what shall I do?
If your pet was microchipped you have a good chance of getting him or her back.  Call Petlog (0870 6066 751) to advise them that your pet has been lost or stolen.  They will flag the Petlog database.  They will also advise you on the best course of action.

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